Code of Conduct

The requirements for block production dictate that each team must post the Code of Conduct for their organization. The following are the guiding principles for the Telos Crew:

  1. The Non-Aggression Principle: first and foremost our organization believes that human interaction should be as voluntary as possible. The initiation of aggression against an individual or organization, or their property, is considered a violation of this principle and therefore should be avoided. Consent of involved parties should always be pursued to the highest degree.
  2. Equity: the Telos Crew believes that decisions should be made with the interests of stakeholders in mind, and that building such a community helps to increase the value of said community and incentivize individuals and organizations to participate.
  3. Truth & Transparency: our organization believes that the business activities should tend toward transparency in order to create an environment of certainty and help inspire trust where technology falls short. We also understand that business decisions are often made in a competitive environment where knowledge can be a competitive advantage, and support an individual or organization’s right to withhold information in these circumstances.
  4. Credit: the Telos Crew believes that work done by individuals and organizations, whether physical or intellectual, should be credited to the entities that performed said work and that to violate this principle is to pervert the truth and discourage the hard work done by said entity.
  5. Empowerment: blockchain technology has played a major role in the empowerment of individuals, large and small. Through empowerment a community can help individuals realize their potential and maximize their freedom.
  6. Community: we believe that every individual and organization is a product of its surrounding community, and that to value community is to give value back to individuals who are helping to create a better world that is more fair and enjoyable for all.
  7. Fun: it’s not about the destination, but the ride. Life throws sometimes insurmountable challenges at us, and we must never forget that we are a product of our experiences… so let’s not forget to enjoy ourselves and help others also enjoy themselves.